The Lower Birks

  • The field, March 2017
  • Butterbur
  • The "field", the "Lower Birks"? What shall we call it?
  • Trustees viewing the Lower Birks Field
  • The field, March 2017
  • The field, March 2017

Hot off the press!

The purchase of the field close to the Lower Birks in Aberfeldy was completed at the end of 2016.

Surveys are planned. We are also seeking ideas and volunteers. Do you have ideas for its use? Can you volunteer to help “manage or maintain” this field? What should we call it?

Some proposed actions:

  • Establish small working party
  • Obtain detailed plan; mark out boundaries on the ground
  • Determine the owner of the ground to the South of the field and establish contact
  • Put up notices re the field's history, HPCT ownership, plans, litter etc
  • Determine how to affirm and exercise access rights to North and South
  • Survey and record what is on and under the field
  • Liaise with PKC-Tree Officer re trees on the field, and re Birks generally
  • Liaise with Burns Brae Residents Association and Move2improve
  • Ensure that no changes are needed to HPCLT Constitution
  • Publicise new ownership; seek proposals for its utilisation/development
  • Give the field a better name
  • Seek funding as required
  • Establish a small management team